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The internet speed test application is a free and downloadable app that is available for both iOS and Android users. This app is used to test your connection, to find out if you are experiencing any network problems. Internet speed checker is simple to use and it provides accurate results with a clear and easy to understand interface.


It is easy to use with a clear and understandable interface. The app starts with a two-step setup where you enter your location, ISP provider, then you are able to check your connection. The app then displays speed, then checks internet work. The app is simple to use there is no need for any technical knowledge to use it.


This application is easy to use and accurate. The app meets the three basic requirements for usability: it is easy to learn, easy to use, it can be used by many people with different levels of knowledge.


Internet speed checker is a free app that provides accurate and clear results. The free internet check is very easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge.


It is easy to use provides accurate results. The app is free and downloadable for both iOS, Android users.


  • How to read the results? 

Take the "Download checker" value, divide it by the "Upload speed test" value. Then multiply that number by 100. For example, if your download test is 90 Mbps, and your upload test is 3 Mbps, desired download and upload are 1 Gbps, then you will need a router with a minimum speed of 90/3 = 30 Mbps, times 100 = 300 Mbps. 

  • Why my speed checker results show 0 Mbps? 

You need to click on the "Advanced" button, then make sure that "TCP", "UDP" are selected. Otherwise, your test results will be 0 Mbps. 

  • Why my speed check results show >100 Mbps? 

Your computer may not be connected to your Internet router. Make sure that the computer is connected to router. For example, if computer is connected to switch, then switch is not connected to router.


Internet speed check is a reliable and easy to use service for checking internet speed connection. It is clear that the developers of this app were aiming for simplicity, they achieved it.

Get Internet Speed Checker for Free

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